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Australian Immigration Report 2011: The Year That Was

by Aleksandar 11/8/2011 6:04:00 PM

As the perennially hot topics of boat arrivals and mandatory detention of asylum seekers continued to dominate news coverage of Australian immigration issues in 2010-11, many of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's other policies, programs and achievements were often swept under the carpet of national political discourse. While DIAC makes full acknowledgement of the challenges it faces in the difficult area of humanitarian migration, the department gives its Migration Program an overall positive assessment in its Annual Report 2010-11.

In his review, DIAC Secretary Andrew Metcalfe highlighted his department's successes over the past financial year:

"During 2010-11 we made significant improvements to our programs supported by engagement with our partners and the evidence of our research and evaluation programs."

The report states that the department's policy direction and implementation has been consistent with its "social and economic aims" in 2010-11.

Australia recorded a total migration intake of 168,700 over the year, a figure unchanged from 2009-10. When you look more closely at the figures, the Australian immigration priorities become clear.

The following blogs summarise some of the reports key findings and offers some Australian Visa Bureau analysis.

- Aleks Vickovich is Online Editor for the Australian Visa Bureau.

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